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How to Properly Take Care of your Dog’s Hair

Each pet is completely unique and the care it needs is also unique. Taking care of your dog’s hair is one of the most frequent doubts and that’s why we’re going to explain the steps you need to take in order to make your pet’s hair, look cleaner, brighter and prettier. A dog with a well-kept hair feels better and more comfortable in its own skin. We avoid tangles and itching and also helps to improve blood circulation with brushing.

Taking care of your pet’s hair is not only a matter of aesthetics, it also improves their health and helps the skin breathe. It is also very advisable to eliminate fleas and ticks. We will explain below in detail how to take care of your dog’s hair.

Short hair care.

Hair is usually easier to care for as it only needs regular care to prevent knots from forming. With a simple brush and a comb is enough to maintain this type of coat. Use a simple dog brush to remove knots and remove dead hair from your pet. As far as bathing is concerned, it is not necessary to bathe them often, as the natural oil on their scalp needs at least six weeks to regenerate completely. Use a short-haired dog shampoo to complete your health and beauty routine.

Care for long hair.

In the case of long-haired dogs, they do need more regular care. For these pets you will need a hard brush such as the double comb to remove tangles. Afterwards, it is recommended to brush again with a thick bristle comb, such as this self-cleaning card. In periods of moulting, repeat this process several days a week. It is also advisable to take him to your pet hairdresser once every three months to maintain the health of it’s hair.

Pet care with silky fur.

They need more care and pampering towards their hair. It should be washed at least once every three months and use quality shampoos for dogs, which respects your scalp and avoids skin problems. With a soft-tipped brush you will get rid of tangles and give your coat shine. Remember to peel it every 3 months or peel it at home with a dog peeling machine.

Care for the smooth coat.

This type of dog hair does not need so much care. Just brush once a week to remove dead hair. With a rubber combing glove you will get optimal results with great ease.

Rough-haired pet care.

Pets with rough hair usually have a very dense first coat that needs great care and intense brushing. First you should brush your pet against the grain with a hard card. Then brush your pet in the direction of the hair with a soft comb. Also remember to cut his hair and bathe him at least every 6 months. If you bathe him at home, remember to use a good dog conditioner.

What parts of the hair need to be cared for:

It is important, to take special care of the eye area. If they have long or medium hair, cut the hair in this area assiduously to avoid disturbing your vision and damage the cornea of the eye. Cut it carefully, using special scissors for dogs with a rounded tip.

In the area of the ears only pull out hairs that are too long, as the scissors can hurt them. It is also recommended to remove hairs from between your leg pads if they are too long, as they could become entangled. But whiskers don’t cut them, you’d reduce their sense of direction.

And if you’re looking to take care of your fur against fleas and ticks, we recommend using an antiparasitic shampoo, an antiparasitic brush for fleas and tweezers against ticks.

If you are looking for a professional:

Make sure to send Pet Point Grooming a message, and we will be glad to take care of your dog’s grooming, bathing, and we will deliver it to you looking, and feeling better than ever.

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