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  • How do I get my pet started with a grooming service?
    Getting started is easy! To book a full-service appointment for your dog, click the ‘Book Appointment’ button on this page, or call your salon and they can set you up. If you’d like a free grooming consultation before your pet’s full-service bath or groom, or one of our walk-in service options, stop by your salon anytime with your pet’s proof of vaccinations.
  • How long does a grooming service take?
    This will depend on the size of your pet and service. Your stylist will be able to provide an estimated time of completion at check-in. Express Services are available.
  • How do I change or cancel a booked appointment?
    Please call your salon to change or cancel an appointment. If you have already set up text message communication with your salon then you can send a text message request as well!
  • How are pets dried after a bath? Your stylist will welcome a preference request.
    We use a number of drying methods designed to ensure the safety and comfort of every pet (including air drying, towel drying, or non-heated hand-held and kennel dryers); and we do not allow the use of kennel dryers on brachycephalic breeds that are prone to respiratory issues.
  • What training and certification requirements do you have for pet grooming salon staff?
    We train and certify our grooming salon teams using educational academy programs that include extensive, hands-on practice and apprenticeship, and most importantly place a heavy focus on doing what’s best for pets in every situation. Amongst apprenticeship programs and other hands-on training activities, Pet Point pet stylists who are trained from within the company. In addition to hands-on grooming training with a Pet Point certified pet stylist mentor or instructor, all participants receive instruction in health, safety protocols and grooming salon operations. Experienced pet stylists hired from outside the company must complete a personal skill evaluation by a Pet Point, as well as four weeks of safety and pet grooming operations training. They must also complete and pass a technical skills assessment. If the candidate does not pass the technical evaluations.
  • How is safety ensured for all pet grooming services?
    At Pet Point, our commitment to the health and safety of the pets in our care is unwavering and a responsibility we take very seriously. We are pet lovers and know that it’s an honor and a privilege to serve and treat our guests’ pets like our own. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of animal care and safety in the industry, with counsel from a number of independent experts in animal care, behavior and ethics. We stand behind personalized service that focuses on the individual needs or concerns of each pet parent and pet. Every visit includes a comprehensive Care Check upon check-in to our salon and we require our stylists to refer any pet with a known or potential health concerns or displaying any signs of stress to a veterinarian. We require the use of a “groomer’s helper” during all grooms to help ensure the safety of both the pet and the groomer. The “groomer’s helper” is a tool designed to help safely maintain control of the pet’s body and head while on the grooming table.
  • What types of vaccinations are required for salon service?
    Proof (documentation) of up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccinations are required for your pet so that we can maintain a healthy, fun environment for all guests. Requirements include: Parvovirus, hepatitis, and distemper vaccinations for all dogs and puppies Rabies vaccination for dogs and cats aged 16 weeks or older (if a medical reason prohibits your pet from receiving this vaccination, please consult your salon ahead of visit) Parvovirus (panleukopenia), herpesvirus-1 (viral rhinotracheitis), and calicivirus for cats For questions please consult your Pet Point salon. Please be sure to leave 24 hours between vaccine administration and grooming service.
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